Case Stories

Case Story 1

Samrawit Legesse is a wheelchair user girl who lives in Adama town. Samrawit has physical impairment and she needs personal assistant even to feed and wear her clothes. Her mother used to carry her to and from the school as she did not have wheelchair. The project provided her with wheelchair this year and her mother speaks she felt relief since then. Her mother adds that Samrawit is now so happy joining kids in the school. Previously, her mother was forced to accompany Samrawit throughout the day. And it had created inconvenience on her work. However, she now leaves Samrawit to the school and freely undertake her work. According to her mother, Samrawit is now attending her education with the support of a teacher who specialized in special needs education and who took modular trainings by this project. Samrawit’s ability to learn new things and is also going better.

Case Story 2

Eyob is a ten years old child with physical disability. Eyob has sustained impairment on one of his legs and needs crutch to independently move by himself. His mother Meron Taddele tells that she tried to get him registered but several schools denied his admission. He was registered to one of the schools in Adama years ago but asked her to be with him all the day otherwise they will be unable to pursue his education. He then interrupted his education. One and half year ago, Oda primary school which is covered with this project admitted her child and now he has got a crutch. She remembers that they used to carry him to the school but now he is independent to go to the school. As a result, he used to be absent many times but not he attends the school regularly with no absent. His result is now improved and feels joyful coming from the school.

Photo: – delivery of wheelchair and Cranch to the needy students at Geda Killio Primary School, Oromia region.

Case Story 3

Abebayehu Aseffa is a blind secondary school student at Wolaita Soddo school. Abebayehu used to go to home early from the school for the toilet previously because the walkway to the toilet in the school was not accessible. After the project-built pavement on the walkway to the toilet, now he freely and confidently uses the toilet of the school. Abebayehu told that this has helped his regular attendance of classes. There is nothing that forces him to get out of the school early.