Abera Reta, the president of our association, said that the third round of Orbit Rider training was completed. He said this in his closing speech after the Orbit Reader training, which was held for five consecutive days from last Monday, 26 Feb. to last Friday, 1st Mar. 2024.

In his speech, Mr. Abera stated that the Orbit Reader20 is a tool to use Braille in a digital way, which creates an opportunity to revive the practice of using Braille, which had been weakened; The Ethiopian National Association of the Blind, as the major stakeholder, has given similar trainings for the third time to fulfill its responsibility in the spread of Braille; He said that in the three rounds of training, the number of members who have received Orbit Reader training has been increased to 51 and efforts will be made to provide the training in successive rounds in the future.

Ato Abera stated that the training was provided by the Toffee project of the Ethiopian Blind National Association and the Kenya Blind Trust Africa (KBTA), and said that the cooperation between the two organizations will continue to be strengthened in the future.

Finally, Mr. Wegderes Ejigu from the Ethiopian Blind National Association, the head of the education department, and Mr. William, from (KBTA), who was giving the training, were thanked. He also sent a congratulatory message to the trainees from the teachers’ sector, the women’s sector, and the office who completed the training successfully.

Meanwhile, the trainees expressed their satisfaction with the training and pointed out that such training should be increased, but it would be good if the association facilitates the opportunity for the Orbit Reader device to be delivered to their hands so that they can implement the knowledge they get from the training and find a way to deliver it to other members in a manner that takes into account the purchasing power of the members.