Empowering Vision



Years of Advocacy and Support


Members Finding Confidence and Care


Dedication to Inclusivity and Growth

Our Services

Skill Training

We teach skills to help our members thrive at work and in life!

Resource Hub

Access tools, books, and tech designed for visual impairment support.

Community Aid

We offer a caring network for sharing experiences and mutual support.

Our Core Values

At the Ethiopian National Association of the Blind, we value empowerment, inclusivity, and community. For over half a century, weʼve stood as a beacon of hope, helping thousands to see their potential, regardless of vision. We champion equal opportunities, access to education, and meaningful connections. Join us and be part of an uplifting journey toward a brighter, more inclusive future for all.


Joining ENAB changed my life! The support and training provided a path to a fulfilling career.
This community uplifted me when I felt alone. Now, I have a network that understands and empowers me.
Thanks to ENAB, I accessed resources that transformed my daily life. Iʼm living with confidence!

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